Pageau Design

Why | About us

Well, simply because we love it!
We crave honest design engulfed in a sense of adventure.
Pageau Design exists for the passion of designing for the people no matter what the context or economical limitations are. We love to experiment and can go from high-end casino resort, to unique little beach shacks, go from marble and crystal to smoky distressed wood and raw materials. We don’t limit ourselves to a single style, but rather immerse and inspire ourselves from our client’s visions, the environment and people. The goal being to create a unique personality for each project.
Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the most expensive or newest finishes, it is about creating the perfect soul in the perfect body. It is going beyond what we already know, remove every boundary.
Our strengths: We are fun, creative, professional, high quality, bold, reliable, collaborative, and comprehensive. We are willing. We listen. We are team players. We are motivated by excelling. Highly versatile, we welcome changes and deliver exceptional results while managing a team and gathering the necessary resources to achieve the various goals. We keep an overall artistic vision of each project and ensure the consistency of the vision through the duration of all phases within the targeted budget.
We are driven by our passion for art and creativity and strive to always create not just another design but a whole new experience. We are able to reinvent and think out of the box, and we will never be satisfied with average, only excellent. We aspire to be the best and push all boundaries in an effort to translate the client’s vision into world class designs. We are not just another design studio; we are great, professional, and fun!

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