Pageau Design

What | Our services

Pageau Design is an international renowned full service interior design studio based in Montreal, with a high-profile of commercial, residential, hospitality and retail projects. We are the result of a collaborative effort between young designers, experts and creative professionals offering a range of services which allow clients to pick from multi-disciplinary skills. -Conceptual design -Drafting […]

Who | Val and her amazing team

Valerie Pageau the founder, debuted her professional adventure as an interior designer, but quickly got introduced to the world of entertainment and theatre design where she has developed a unique theatrical design style. As a senior interior designer with over 15 years of experience in the field of design and architecture she has an extensive […]

Why | About us

Well, simply because we love it! We crave honest design engulfed in a sense of adventure. Pageau Design exists for the passion of designing for the people no matter what the context or economical limitations are. We love to experiment and can go from high-end casino resort, to unique little beach shacks, go from marble […]